Thursday, October 01, 2015

Meet Marlin Mauai Saluone

I know this is like 10+ months overdue, but I did actually give birth to a beautiful baby boy on November 21st (2014). He was sweet and perfect and still is - now with teeth! Here's a few pictures of our newest handsome little boy! And you may get a glimpse of his older brother who is still a good boy and is really sweet and gentle with his little brother - most of the time.

Home from the hospital

Marlin's first family photo - he's SO happy :)

With big brother
Practicing his modeling skills at 3 weeks old.

9 months old and showing off his pearly whites.

Family photo on Junior's first day of preschool (*upcoming post).

Showing us those baby blues.

I'll try posting more regularly. I just need to organize my photos first, they are saved and scattered all over the place. We're all doing well and really enjoying being a family of four.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's A ...

This post is way overdue, but I thought I would let everyone know that Jonathan and I are having a...

In case you can't see it, we're having another boy! Jonathan is excited because he's getting what he wanted. I'm happy too, we're not done having kids so hopefully a girl is in our future. But for now at least we'll save money on clothes, bedding, etc. And the two boys can easily share the only other bedroom in our tiny house.

I'm almost 30 weeks now, November 22nd is fast approaching and I've got my list of things to do. We'll see if I can get to all of them.

Here are more ultrasound pictures if you're interested.


Friday, May 23, 2014

One Year

After a year since I last posted on this blog, I decided to finally post something. And it's going to be good, here's a start:

In case the message isn't clear enough, in November of this year Junior's status as an 'Only Child' will be expiring, as in he will have a little brother or sister!

That's right, I'm pregnant with child number 2 and we're very excited. I'm just starting to get over the sickness and fatigue of the first trimester, so things are looking up - those first 13 weeks are no fun. Baby is due around November 22nd, so I'm hoping I won't end up in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. But now that I said it, that's probably what will happen.

I can't guarantee more regular posting on this blog, but I do have a ton of photos I'd like to share of our nearly 3 year old! He's grown so much and we have so much fun with him as he provides never-ending entertainment for us.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Kid

Junior is growing up so fast. He's such a big kid, and he knows he's a big kid. He loves playing in the cupboards at his grandmas' houses.

I had a video to add to this post, but it wouldn't load for some reason. So you just get a few cute pictures this time. I'm trying to get "caught up" so you can see more recent photos of Junior. He really is a big kid now.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Junior & Grandpa

Junior loves books, but he still doesn't have a very long attention span for them, especially if they are really wordy. He likes to get through each page fast. But this night Grandpa had him really excited about reading.

It was so cute, he would just giggle every time Grandpa tapped the page - he thought it was so funny. I didn't even get to video the best part of it either.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I meant to post this yesterday, but in all my Mother's Day laziness I forgot. Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

I saw this video and it made me cry. I sent it to my mom and mother-in-law right away. But I thought I would post it here for all my friends and relatives who are also mothers, or who have mothers, or who are married to a mother. Enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 09, 2013

Piano Recital

During Christmas when all the cousins were around we had an impromptu Piano Recital. Some children played music they made up, others played music they had learned from a book and practiced a lot. I swear I recorded this recital, but I couldn't find the recording on my phone - maybe it's on my real camera, I'll have to check. But I did get some photos of one of the littlest players. He really enjoyed showing off his skills on the 4-key mini piano, and he loved the applause he got.

Junior is grown up enough now that he can climb onto the piano bench by himself and really "play" the piano. He loves it, actually. He loves music of any kind so I think there's going to be some kind of music in his future. I wouldn't be surprised either, he gets it from both sides.