Thursday, October 01, 2015

Meet Marlin Mauai Saluone

I know this is like 10+ months overdue, but I did actually give birth to a beautiful baby boy on November 21st (2014). He was sweet and perfect and still is - now with teeth! Here's a few pictures of our newest handsome little boy! And you may get a glimpse of his older brother who is still a good boy and is really sweet and gentle with his little brother - most of the time.

Home from the hospital

Marlin's first family photo - he's SO happy :)

With big brother
Practicing his modeling skills at 3 weeks old.

9 months old and showing off his pearly whites.

Family photo on Junior's first day of preschool (*upcoming post).

Showing us those baby blues.

I'll try posting more regularly. I just need to organize my photos first, they are saved and scattered all over the place. We're all doing well and really enjoying being a family of four.


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